Manufacturing Overview

Innovation, technology, automation, and robotics have reduced the number of unskilled work needed in the production process.  As technology continues to advance, the skills required are much more complex.

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Average Income


Average pay for experienced manufacturing employees


Average pay for non-manufacturing employees in our area

Earnings In Our Area

Together, manufacturing companies bring in $2.66 billion in earnings just to our five-county area.

A Growing Industry

Manufacturing provides 11% of the jobs in our region. That’s about 40,000 jobs… and the number is growing fast.




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Today’s manufacturing careers are clean, filled with high technology, automation and robots. Manufacturing employs a highly skilled, highly motivated workforce. Whether you’re interested in improving the efficiency of a company through industrial engineering, or designing custom tools that enable a company to produce its product as a tool and die maker, manufacturing has something for you!
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Employer Partners

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More than 80 manufacturers support the advancement of the industry through their involvement in the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative within the five-county region of Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull Counties in Ohio and Lawrence and Mercer Counties in Pennsylvania.

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Quality Machine
Compco Industries
Butech Bliss
Thomas and Betts
Girard Machine


“Industry Needs You” is an outreach campaign on behalf of the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative, a partnership between the Industry Partners of Lawrence and Mercer Counties of Pennsylvania and the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition. The mission of this joint effort is to stimulate interest in manufacturing careers among young people of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania across multiple disciplines, and connect them with the opportunities available to them. The development of this website is sponsored in part by the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative with funds from a U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund grant.


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