Northwestern Pennsylvania is rich with opportunities for a successful career and high quality of life.  With easy access to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo, residing and working in Northwestern Pennsylvania offers a unique proposition for those seeking the balance of a healthy career in manufacturing with an adventurous “after work” life.

GR8T Manufacturing Partnership created a Return2NWPA campaign to showcase personal stories and information on why this region is great for living and pursuing a career in manufacturing.  We hope you enjoy the compelling stories of those who left the area for school or career, but have since returned and are glad they did.  You will also learn about the many regional assets of NW PA (Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Lawrence, Mercer, Venango, and Warren Counties) and the regional manufacturers looking to fulfill jobs. 

There are countless stories of individuals and families who returned to NWPA to pursue a fabulous career in manufacturing.  Maybe you know someone who has a Return2NWPA story to tell.  Maybe it’s one of your employees or you?!  Let’s showcase all that northwestern PA has to offer. 

What’s Your Story?