Oh-Penn Pathways to Competitiveness Project Resources

The Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative was established as a joint effort between the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition and the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership of Lawrence and Mercer Counties. It is the brand under which the groups promote their goals to increase the manufacturing skilled workforce in the region and create more seamless manufacturing career pathways in the five-county Oh-Penn Interstate Region.  The Workforce Innovation Fund Pathways to Competitiveness Project is focused on strategies aimed at increasing the manufacturing skilled workforce in the region and create more seamless manufacturing career pathways in the five-county Oh-Penn Interstate Region.  Resources are available for employers in the following categories:

Additional Resources:

Validate Skills

For those manufacturers who are unfamiliar with the assessments/credentials and wish to experiment by validating the skills of existing, experienced employees. The complimentary pre-test(s) will enable you to evaluate the value of credential attainment by measuring the competencies demonstrated by current employees. Then, you can make more informed decisions by incorporating assessments/ credentials into future hiring and/or promotion decisions.

Learn about the Assessments and Credentials here.

View the WorkKeys levels for common occupations here.

Train Employees

Implementing nationally recognized industry credentials into your hiring and training practices will help you achieve those goals, and there are funds available through the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative to assist your company with offsetting the training cost for new and existing workers.  The following resources are available :


Become Involved

In order to change perceptions about manufacturing and attract a more highly-skilled workforce manufacturers need to be involved in promoting manufacturing careers throughout the community.  Employers are strongly encouraged to become invloved in promoting manufacturing by becoming a Career Pathways Ambassador and sharing their Success Stories.


Find Qualified Job Candidates

Find employees with the skills and experience needed for your open positions in both Ohio and Pennsylvania by visiting the links below.  You can also find contact information for the Ohio Means Jobs and Pennsylvania CareerLink centers nearest you.

omj      Ohio Means Jobs

JG_logo_goldPennsylvania Job Gateway


Additional Resources

In addition to the resources available through the Oh-Penn Pathways to Competitiveness Project, employers may be eligible for additional resources.  Please visit Pennsylvania Additional Resources or Ohio Additional Resources for more information.

Employer Forms

The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership of Lawrence and Mercer Counties (AMIP) Application FormMahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC) Application Form

• General organization information

• Membership Dues

Memorandum of Understanding

‎ Form solidifying agreement between partners

• Established agreement among the partners of the MVMC, AMIP, and, together, the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative regarding respective benefits, roles and responsibilities

• Outlines the background of the collaborative as well as the overall goals of the collaborative

Career Pathways Ambassador

Form solidifying interest in speaking on behalf of the manufacturing industry

• Involvement on Speaker’s Bureau consisting of volunteers

• Speaking to Middle/High Schools, transitioning adults, community leaders school officials, media and potentially providing tours at manufacturing facilities

Credential Adoption Pledge

Form solidifying support of industry recognized credentials

• Recognize the importance of credential adoption and pledge support to adopt of the NAM-Endorsed Skills Certification System

• Consider including other certifications (MSSC, NIMS, AWS, etc.) as criteria for future hiring

Employer Training Request

Form outlining specific requests for training

• Skills Validation Pre-Testing and Certifications

• Customized Job Training and On-the-Job Training, etc.

Work Based Learning

Form outlining specific requests for in-school students to earn on-the-job training