The Career Pathways Pyramid shows the competencies needed for jobs in the manufacturing industry. Upon clicking on a level within the pyramid, that particular level will expand to display information for manufacturing occupations. In each expanded level, the following information is provided:
  • Occupation/Career Cluster
  • Education, Credential & Experience Requirements
  • Average Wages
  • Competencies
  • Job Descriptions

Clicking on a specific Occupation/Career will provide additional detail for the particular occupation, including short job descriptions, tasks, and occupation statistics.

[career_pathways_pyramid maxbasewidth=”800″]

The Manufacturing industry needs employees with a wide range of education and training.  Click on a career below to learn about some of the occupations in Manufacturing that are in-demand.  To view more detailed information on Manufacturing, Careers, and Education & Training needed to work in the industry, view the Online Manufacturing Workshop.