Staffing Your Apprenticeship Program:

Supervisors, Mentors, and Other Key Roles:

An apprenticeship program requires a team of individuals to function properly. For those manufacturers who choose to participate in the MVMC Group Sponsored Model, that team will include grant staff as well. In a small company, one person may wear many hats, but the following roles will always need to be filled:

Apprenticeship Coordinator: This person takes the lead role in working with the state Office of Apprenticeship to complete paperwork, track apprentice progress, and enter information into the system.

Supervisor: This person is responsible for overseeing the apprentice’s performance.

Mentor: This person is responsible for the apprentice’s on-the-job training (may be multiple people). Sometimes referred to as a journeyworker in the apprenticeship Standards and related documentation, this is a person skilled in the occupation the apprentice is training for. This can be somewhat confusing, because mentors do not have to have a Certificate of Apprenticeship or Journeyman’s card; they simply must have demonstrated expertise in the appropriate competencies. Please see the Appendix (Mentor Toolkit) for additional information about the critical role of the mentor.

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