Attraction and Recruitment:

We don’t have to tell you that recruiting young people for jobs in manufacturing is difficult, but we believe that apprenticeship is, in itself, a recruitment strategy. Individuals without formal training are often caught in a catch-22 of needing to find work and needing to develop their skills at the same time. This often forces them to choose low-wage jobs, to avoid training programs that interfere with their work schedule, or to go into debt while pursuing traditional education. Apprenticeship allows individuals to choose both—working and learning—at the same time. This is the key message when recruiting for your program.

Still, it is important set expectations. The Manufacturing Institute explains:

Always be realistic in your portrayal of the Apprenticeship Program. Showcase the many advantages but do not down play the commitment needed to be successful in this role. This will help ensure that you are attracting the right pool of candidates.

Please refer to the Apprenticeship Playbook, pages 56-60, for a detailed approach to branding and marketing your program with these expectations in mind.


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