Group and Individual Sponsorship:

As a member of The Network you are eligible to participate in the MVMC Group Sponsored Model or to develop your company’s individual sponsored model. Which model you choose will determine which parts of this Blueprint you need to focus on.


Choose the group model if: Choose the individual model if:
Your company is small, you plan to hire a few apprentices each year, you need machinists, and/or you are comfortable making decisions by consensus with other manufacturers using the group model. Your company is large, you plan to hire more than five apprentices each year, you have the administrative capacity to manage your program, and/or you are prefer to have complete control over your program.


Companies participating in The Network will benefit from the AAI award through a number of services and incentives to support your company as you develop, expand, or improve your apprenticeship program.

Throughout the American Apprenticeship Initiative, MVMC staff is available to support manufacturers in developing their apprenticeship programs. The team can help your company:

    • Understand the registered apprenticeship training model
    • Identify existing models for the occupations you need
    • Connect you with appropriate resources to assist with your program
    • Draft Standards of Apprenticeship, on-the-job training, and classroom instruction outlines based upon your input
    • Submit your registration paperwork to the state apprenticeship agency for full recognition in the National Registered Apprenticeship System
    • Assist you with program updates as your workforce needs evolve

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