MVMCLogo-with taglineThe purpose of the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC) is to identify common challenges and opportunities, share ideas and collectively champion solutions to address the priority needs of the industry, particularly as it relates to a skilled workforce.

Why We Formed:

Local manufacturers are all facing a common problem that will likely be the largest single issue in our ability to service our customers and maintain or grow our businesses. This common and pressing issue is the recruitment of qualified, new employees into the various skilled trades occupations required to operate our businesses. This issue will be further exasperated by an upcoming wave of retirements and a rapidly aging workforce. Without a qualified workforce to support area manufacturers, the Mahoning Valley economy is at risk.

The Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC) formed to help regional manufacturers prosper, to help stabilize our economy and to provide opportunities for individuals and families in the Mahoning Valley to earn livable wages and advance up a career pathway.

As an industry led coalition, we realize we need to have a single, common voice to create public awareness of the needs of the local manufacturing industry. Our goal is to engage all area stakeholders and to work together as a cohesive group to address this workforce problem that we cannot solve individually.

MVMC proposes to convene, educate, charge and mobilize the region’s key stakeholders to initiate actions that will stabilize our economy and provide opportunities for individuals and families in the Mahoning Valley to earn livable wages and advance up a career pathway. Further, this coalition will create a demand-driven mechanism for ongoing dialogue among industry, education and the public workforce system.

Goals of the MVMC are to:

  • Provide a network for Mahoning Valley manufacturers to share ideas and resources to promote development of a skilled workforce;
  • Consolidate the skills needs of employer members identifying the skill needs for current employees and the future workforce;
  • Engage local educators beginning at K-12 through 4-year universities to develop and strengthen curriculum that will meet the needs identified by the MVMC;
  • Identify and build awareness of manufacturers in the Mahoning Valley and the career pathways to enter and succeed in skilled, high-wage occupations.



If you are interested in becoming a member, please view more information on the Membership page and complete a Membership Application.  Current members can login to view documents on the MVMC Members Login page.